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Male Martian + Female Human =?

I was wondering what would occur reproduction wise?
It is known that the humans and at least red martians can produce offspring together (John Carter with Dejah Thoris) which in the case of a male human and a female red martian produced an egg. Would a human female and a red male have a live birth?

Why not? :wink:

So from a strict biological standpoint, the jasoomian biology is not built to create eggs in this fashion, something that has long since been evolved out of our DNA, so the most logical outcome would be a live birth. The fact that jasoomians and non-green barsoomians are close enough genetic matches to even breed in the first place is tantamount to scientific miracle that was only added as a means of plot and increasing the story lore so really its up to you.

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Live birth also means the child only gestates 9 months and is born as a baby rather than a nearly fully formed person. Which would bring up some very intriguing scenarios and stories in and of itself.

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Now Iā€™m imagining a plot similar to Saga by Brian K. Vaughan.