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Mithras & the SI

So in the Fall of London it’s confirmed that Mithras had Roger De Camden leak details of London’s Kindred to the SI.

Now prior to his fall, the Camarilla (at least to my knowledge) has always recognised Mithras’ claim to Britain as a just one, and Britain has at least nominally been a Camarilla-held nation.

Given however, that the PC’s of The Fall of London can get added to the Red List for leaking information to Operation Antigen what does this mean for Mithras if anyone in the Camarilla finds out?

Surely he’d also end up on the Red List as a matter of course? Assuming he survived the purge, this is a blatant disregard of the 1st Tradition, and active assistance being provided to the SI.

I’d be interested to hear other’s takes as I’m looking to run a Chronicle in London soon with the crowning of a new Prince being a key plot-point.

Here’s my take:

Mithras being a 4th generation kindred, and having an extensive history of prowess in war and times of peace, is an obvious threat to the Camarila. That said, the Camarila were glad to see Mithras “die”. The death of Mithras, is what allowed the Camarila to come into London and set up praxis to assert their control.

Mithras is not happy about this. Depending on how people play Fall of London, Mithras could regain his power in full, in part, or not at all. Either way, Mithras should be implementing multiple plans to remove the Camarila, and regain total dominance of HIS domain. I expect to see the purge continue in Britannia, until it is no longer beneficial to Mithras. The SI, is just another tool to use and discard when no longer useful.

Yes the Camarila could redlist Mithras, but that is basically declaring war against an antediluvian. Not really a great position for either party, and that would move the Camarila partially in line with the Sabbat’s ideology. Something that the Camarila absolutely does not want to do.

Let’s not forget the followers of Mithras. Does anyone know how many different sects and religions are still actively following Mithras. With little effort, Mithras has a kindred army ready to answer his beck and call. We’re not just talking about the Ventrue clan backing their own, either. Mithras has followers amongst all the clans…

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