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Mindjammer and Starfinder

I am investigating the possibility of adapting the Starfinder Adventure Path: Against The Aeon Throne to Mindjammer. I find the story of Against the Aeon Throne awesome, but the Starfinder Rule system less so. (Hence why I am looking at this in the first place.)

While I could use the Venu to replace the Azlanti, and SCI Force would replace the Stewards (having a similar role in Starfinder), But this leads me to a question.

Have people had any luck converting the more structured D&D/Pathfinder adventures to the FATE system?

Check this out.

Androids are one of the 7 races detailed in the Starfinder RPG Core Rulebook (Pages 42-43). What follows is my best guess of how to convert the race to Mindjammer’s rulesystem if not setting.

Android (fem Gynoid)
“Complex technological creations crafted to resemble humans, androids were originally a servitor race, but they have since broken free to form their own society. Unlike ordinary robots or ship AIs, androids do not simply respond according to their programming; rather, they have independent consciousnesses and are animated by souls—a distinction crucial to their generally accepted status as people rather than property.”

Basic Information

  • Homeworld: none: as a created race, androids are not technically native to any world.
  • Starting Age: 1-5 Earth Years.
  • Maximum Age: Androids can technically live forever through constant repair.
  • Apparent Age: Mature being.
  • Average Height: As base species (usually Human)
  • Average Weight: As base species +10%

Mandatory Extras: An Android or Gynoid character must take the following racial abilities.

  • Constructed : which combines
    • Health Bonus (2 refresh) – Gain a +2 bonus to rolls to resist disease, poison, etc. You may also take one additional mild consequence. (Mindjammer Core, page 109)
    • Mental Resistance (1 refresh) – Gain a +2 bonus to resist mental stress attacks and to resist psionic manipulation. (Mindjammer Core, page 110)
  • Hypersense: Sight (1 refresh) –This provides the android with both infrared and low-light capabilities. You also gain a +2 Investigate or Notice bonus when using sight. (Mindjammer Core, page 109)

Mandatory Aspects: An Android or Gynoid must both of the following genotype aspects.

  • Android (you may rephrase as something more “spicy.”)
    • Invoke: To be faster and stronger than a baseline human.
    • Compel: To face discrimination for being a synthetic.
  • Hypersense: Sight (you may rephrase as something more “spicy.”)
    • Invoke: To gain an additional bonus or reroll by virtue of your enhanced sight.
    • Compel: Your hypersense: vision puts you at a disadvantage.

Options: Important Skills and Stunts will depend on the character’s original function.

Cost: 2 aspect, 4 refresh. (See the note “Two Mandatory Aspects” on page 40 of the Mindjammer Core Rulebook.)

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