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Max Skill Ranks per Level?

Is there a sliding max for skill ranks? Step 3 of character creation says that you can’t increase a skill above rank 3 unless you’re creating a character of level 3 or above. If a level 1 character has 3 ranks in a skill, when they level up to 2, can they spend their skill increase to go up to 4 ranks or do they need to pick another skill that has 2 or less ranks until they level up to 3?

The way I took it was at lv 1 max of 3 after level up you can max of 6.

Yeah, it seems strange because according to the rules as written, the lowest level that you can attain 6 ranks in a skill depends on what level the campaign starts at.

Level 1 can get Rank 6 at Level 4.
Level 2 can get Rank 6 at Level 5.
Level 3+ can get Rank 6 at Level 3.

Given that you get +1 skill point per level, I’d houserule that the max skill rank goes up one per starting level after 3. So if you start at level 3 you have a max skill rank of 4, so on and so forth. Balance it out a little. But that’s just how I’d rule it.

Max skill level at level 1 is 3. After that it’s 6. A character could take the Skilled perk at level 3 to get something up to level 6.

Do you know why a character starting out at level 2 can’t have a skill above rank 3? I’m really curious.

A character at level 2 could have 1 skill at rank 4, though the max is now 6. At level 3 they could take the Perk adding +2 to a skill and go to 6, or +1/+1 and apply their +1 skill point from leveling to make it 6.

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