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Leveling and buying Perks


When you level, do you have to buy a Perk or can you save it to buy up at a later level?

Page 49, column 1, paragraph 5 seems to imply you cannot with “You gain a single perk”, however pg 49, column 2, paragraph 2 implies with “can pick” that you can save them.

This homebrew territory or was it not covered in the playtest?


What’s the use case you have in mind for why someone would not pick a perk at level-up?

Well, many have level requirements. So, for instance you could save up all 4 to 5th level to buy Tag!, Life Giver, Dodge, and Barbarian (though you could get the latter two at 4) instead of having to wait until 4, 5, 6, 7 to get them sequentially.

Just wondering what the official thought process is.

The intention is that you purchase a new Perk at each level; saving them up provides greater access to higher-level perks than is intended.