Major NPCs & Avoiding Injuries

There seems to be a contradiction in the Core Rulebook regarding Major NPCs and their ability to Avoid an Injury.

Page 291:

Major NPCs may spend two Threat
to Avoid an Injury as many times as they like, depending on
the pool of Threat available. This gives them an advantage
against the Player Characters, who can only avoid their first

Page 311:

Major NPCs may Avoid an
Injury as Player Characters do, and may regain the ability to
Avoid an Injury in the same was as Player Characters can.

Page 291 would seem to imply that NPCs are able to Avoid an Injury simply by spending the two Threat without any other limitation, while the text on 311 appears to indicate that, like a PC, Major NPCs may only Avoid an Injury more than once if they first take a Recovery task.

Page 289 says the same thing as 291 without the bit about it being an advantage over PCs, so I assume that is the correct approach, but I haven’t been able to find an official ruling.