Lore Resources!

Let’s face it, diving into the Dune lore can be an incredibly daunting experience for new readers, or tabletop gamers looking to understand the setting of their new game better. Obviously the most authoritative source for lore on the Dune universe will always remain the actual books, but that’s no small feat in and of itself. There are now 19(20?) full novels, and a couple of short story collections, comprising the canonical lore of Dune.

So, I was thinking we could collectively compile a thread of resources where people can go to find answers. My recommendation?

Quinn’s Ideas

He has over 50 videos of variable length dedicated to exploring the lore of Dune across the series entire timeline. Please remember that some of the content does contain plot spoilers, so take care before you click.

How about the rest of you? Any recommendations?

EDIT: I originally mis-linked his “everything Dune” playlist instead of his “Dune lore” playlist. Sorry.

Quinn is very much worth a look.

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Quinn is awesome, and we live in the same city! I’m going to try to rope him into a game sometime when I purchase my game materials.

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Yep. Been patreoning Quinn for some time now. If you want somebody to explain the depth of Dune in a very accessible and easy to understand way, he is the one.

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Nice list of the novels …