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Let's talk about some Infinity things, to provide clarity for players and GMs alike

I’d be surprise if they did, as others said. It’s not in their habit to do so, and something tell me they can’t wait for the development of this line of product to be over.

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I also have to agree here. At this point, Corvus Belli is putting more effort into promoting the RPG than Modiphius. It’s obvious they just want to complete their commitment and wash their hands of it. It’s really quite depressing. A little effort promoting the game and incenting trial would go a long way. It’s a great game and it’s sad to see a company like Modiphius leave it to die on the vine.

It certainly seems clear to me that Modiphius is either unwilling or unable to move from a Kickstarter production house business model to a regular game producer. They just don’t want to invest in their brands themselves. Which is upsetting given they have such great brands that a little marketing would do so much for.

They do, for Star Trek Adventures for example. Not every 2d20-based RPG has been Kickstarter financed.

I suspect that they were aware that Star Trek (and, for another example, Dune) had such good brand recognition already that they could be reasonably sure of a certain volume of sales.
For something like MC3 or INFINITY, they were taking a punt, so would have wanted to be sure that there was enough support out there for the RPG. Unfortunately, with that model, it appears that the line is allowed to go dormant once the KS-funded items are done.