Let's discuss Star Trek Neu Horizon

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Your characters are assigned aboard the Frigate Augustus some of the crew are cadets and the mission is supposed to be a simple courier mission to a rogue exo-planet long mistaken as a Brown Dwarf Star.
The characters are assigned to a shuttle (or Runabout depending which era you want to run this) and they head towards a research station in orbit of the exo-planet.
Landing they discover the station appears abandoned whether through their own initiative or asking the captain they begin investigating when the station buckles as if attacked and all contact is lost with the Frigate.
Now going back to their shuttle reveals the exo-planet is now orbiting an M class star similar to Earth’s and evidence that the station crew fled the station for the system’s only inhabitable world.
If they stay aboard the exo-planet and it’s companion returns where it started revealing to those who remained aboard that the entire system (except for the exo-planet) is hidden by some kind of cloaking device.
If they head down to the planet discover Romulans are holding the surviving station crew prisoner think Star Trek Beyond but the Romulans are behind it and only the PCs can do anything about it as the Augustus was disabled and seized with the away team remaining undiscovered so far…

Feel free to poke holes in this!:wink:

Edit: The field has limits the exo-planet is this system’s Pluto except it periodically exits the cloak which is an example of the original Cloaking Device the Romulans reverse engineered to create their own.
Has the side effect of disabling ships without a cloaking device the shuttle being aboard the station is shielded from this effect but unless it’s switched off they have to wait a full day before it exits the cloak before being able to flee.
The Romulans left the station alone as they deemed it a useful form of bait.