A Most Wanted Klingon

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Here’s an outline for a scenario that could be inserted into a campaign in the Shackleton Expanse. I’m aiming for a bit of a Cold War espionage type scenario, while not losing sight of Star Trek. I don’t know if I will ever get to run it, but any feedback is welcome.

Synopsis: An heir to the House of Duras has escaped Klingon space and is headed to a neutral planet in the Shackleton Expanse. Starfleet Intelligence believes his intention is to defect to the Romulan Star Empire, who will use him to rally opposition to Gowron and the Federation-Klingon alliance. The Player Starship is closer and faster than the nearest Klingon warship. The crew is to head to the neutral planet and prevent the fugitive leaving with the Romulans, while acting within interstellar law and avoiding a dispute with the locals if possible. A warbird is enroute, and will arrive some hours after the player’s ship.


  1. Starfleet Command’s orders state that the dissident is not to be detained until it is confirmed he is intending to defect to the Romulans, as until then the matter is regarded as an internal Klingon one. However, under Federation law, there would be no legal basis for interfering in the right of any individual to asylum, unless it can be shown that it is not in good faith; that is, that is solely a means to destabilising a foreign power. The crew will have to gather evidence that the dissident does intend to work for the Romulans against Gowron for this to be legal.

  2. When the Romulans turn up, they can quickly beam the Klingons up and depart, preventing any gathering of information. To prevent this, the crew will have to come up with a way of preventing transport to and from the planet. (Possible ideas: using the deflector to create a scattering field, having an away team set up pattern maskers in the vicinity of the dissident’s accommodation, convincing the planetary authorities to raise their defensive shields).

  3. Will the crew adopt an honest approach with the planetary authorities, attempt a covert mission, or even adopt an aggressive tone? This choice may affect Starfleet after the scenario is over.

  4. The Romulans will not want a major incident to develop, but will send a covert special operations team if it will get them what they want. Alternatively, they may just unmask any secret actions Starfleet have taken. If the crew have taken an antagonistic stance to the planetary government, the authorities may even request help from the Romulans to remove the player ship from orbit.

  5. Unbeknownst to Starfleet Intelligence, the supposed dissident is not particularly inclined to toppling the Klingon government. He has been pushed to this position by the corruption and paranoia of Gowron, and the machinations of his own advisors. He would much prefer asylum in the Federation to being made a Romulan puppet. The crew will have to separate him from his retinue to make the offer though.

  6. The Mupwl’, commanded by Captain Akul, will arrive after the Romulans. If the situation is still in progress, they are not above taking aggressive action to resolve it. Their orders are to transport the dissident back to Klingon space for a show trial and execution.


Great Idea for scenario <3

I like this story. I’ll take a crack at fleshing it out after Queen City Conquest.

I like that there are two sides (maybe even three) to this story. Many layers will make for far more intrigue… and possibilities for it to expand in a direction that the GM didn’t see coming (which I personally love)

I started working on fleshing it out. I chose the planet to be a luxury planet for outdoorsmen with a huge luxury hotel-casino for spouses not liking outdoors hobbies. This affords plenty of set pieces indoors and outdoors.

Here’s a rough draft of the opening:

Immunity and Recreation

A module by Garrett Crowe

For Star Trek Adventures


Chazow Wuduch, of the House of Duras, plans to defect to the Romulan Empire and serve as propaganda against Gowron’s leadership of the Klingon Empire. The chosen pickup site is Tumatlis, a lush class M planet renowned as a getaway for campers, fishermen and hunters. Activities in the natural surroundings are monitored and licensed by the Towers of Self-Discovery, a luxurious series of three interconnecting towers that offers every modern luxury for the spouses of the outdoorsmen who don’t find a night in the woods to be a relaxing getaway.

Tumatlis is located on the western edge of the Shackleton Expanse, near the intersection of the Klingon and Romulan Empires.

Gowron wants Chazow’s head, and Captain Akul of the Mupwl’ is proud to deliver it. However, it falls upon the crew of the PC’s faster ship to intercept Chazow to intercept the defector and bring her in.

This mission challenges and individual’s right to defect and politically threatens the Klingon-Federation alliance, not to mention the personal relationships between the crew and Captain Akul.


The Captain and First Officer are summoned to Admiral April Hebert’s conference room. Entering, the crew leaders see the Admiral speaking in hushed yet frustrated tones with General Kargan, the Klingon Empire’s highest ranking representative aboard Narenda Station. Already is Captain Akul, the Klingon Captain of the Mupwl’ . Captain Akul and the crew may have a positive or negative working relationship, depending on how previous modules went down.

Admiral Hebert sees the last of the meeting’s attendees arrive and motions for everyone to take a seat. She pushes a button on her console, activating a large monitor on the wall behind her. The screen shows an image of a Klingon woman in a shopping market on Qo’nos. “This is Chazow Wuduch, a minor member of House Duras, the disgraced Klingon House. Rather than rot in dishonor or conspire to overthrow Gowron, she’s chosen to defect to the Romulan Empire. We know the Romulans are using members of House Duras to build distrust against the Klingon leader, trying to throw the Romulan Empire into a civil war and sever relations with the Federation.”

General Kargan adds, “We will not let this Duras enter Romulan custody. The Empire wants her dead or alive, to be tried for treason.”

Captain Akul stands, slamming his hands on the conference table. “You can count on the Mupwl’ to destroy her.”

Admiral Hebert nods. “Your enthusiasm is noted, Captain. However, the [crew’s ship] is faster and can beat the Klingon defector to her destination, Tumatlis. Your ship, Captain Akul, would tie her. Chazow’s arrival at the same time as you does not leave time for diplomacy and extracting her before the Romulans arrive. Therefore, [crew captain], your mission is to reach Tumatlis with due haste. Negotiate to meet with Chazow, despite her appeal to the Tumatlians for asylum. Then, convince her to return with you to the station. Captain Akul, we’re also sending you out to Tumatlis to greet the Romulans. We will send a very clear message that our relations with other galactic forces will note be tampered with, especially not within our borders.”

“Respectfully Admiral,” Captain Akul says, “I believe that after I destroy the Romulans, I should be the one to bring Chazow back to Narenda Station.

“I see no reason for this,” Admiral Hebert counters.

“This is a Klingon mission, and Klingons should handle as much as possible of the mission.”

“[Crew Captain], is there any chance your Klingon guest will meet with an accident before being brought to Narenda?”

The Captain should assure Admiral Hebert of the Klingon’s safety.

“I have doubts about the safety of Chazow aboard the Mupwl’ ,” the Admiral chides.

“These are my orders. Time is of the essence. Get your crews to their ships immediately. Head for Tumatlis.”

As the people leave the briefing, Captain Akul saddles up next to [Crew Captain]. “You will do the right thing and turn Chazow over to me. It’s what Chancellor Gowron desires.”

Allow the Captain to respond.

Researching Tumatlis

It’s an eight hour trip at warp 8 to Tumatlis. Allowing ample time to prep. During this time, the ship receives a hail from Qo’nos. Chancellor Gowron appears before the crew. Gowron appears bug-eyed and hungry. A wild thick mass of brown hair falls behind his ridged forehead. A narrow goatee grows beneath his lower lip, looking like a symbol for a ceremonial drum. He wastes no time getting down to business. “Captain, it comes to my attention your crew is tasked with the retrieval of the Klingon defector. I want you to know how dangerous she is to me, especially in the hands of the Romulans. You no doubt have heard of the nefarious acts the House of Dumas has taken against me. I don’t care if the planet she’s headed for has offered her sanctuary for her defection. I don’t care about Starfleet’s regulations against taking a person granted asylum against their will. You will bring her in. If your Starfleet code will not allow you to do that, I suggest you step down and let Akul do what needs to be done.”

Allow the probably unhappy Captain to respond to Gowron. Nothing will change Gowron’s desire for Chazow’s head.

Once the communication ends, the crew is free to prepare for their mission however they wish.

HaPppy Memorial Day! Here’s a link to the completed adventure based on the idea contained in this thread: Asylum and Recreation. It can be downloaded at https://www.mediafire.com/folder/7pwbd7bo5r9tx/
Enjoy. As always, please provide feedback.

@Modiphius-SteveH Excellent plot! Will borrow.