Learning new languages?

Ok not sure if it matters to much, but after looking at the Conan write ups in the various source books, it seems our main man knows to many languages.

Unless I missed something, you only get two starting languages, 1 for each rank of focus, and one per linguistics talent. Conan has 10 languages in Conan the merc; has a focus of 2 and one linguistics talent.

Is there another way of getting new languages or am I missing something?

Ummm…he is Conan. He is special. :grinning:

No, I think in terms of rules you are right. I would guess they wanted to keep Conan more in flavor with he stories though, and not just sticking with the rules. So in this case I am guessing the game master (developers) made a special house rule.

Kinda figured that was the case

The Polyglot talent lets you learn all the languages you want; you spend a Fortune point and learn all the languages of the area you are in.

Oh, I noticed this talent as well… Seems too OP to pay for permanent bonus with temporary, per session resource.

Eh, languages aren’t that powerful of a thing, especially in Conan. As I recall, Conan himself never has a problem communicating with anyone in the REH stories. He goes pretty much everywhere, and speaks to people from lots of nations and regions, many of whom would not speak any other language, and Conan always understands them and is understood. Polyglot just lets a PC do the same thing.