Lady Margot Fenring

Is there a stat block in one of the books for Lady Fenring?

She is stated in Fall of the Imperium, pg 59.

Thanks! I will check out the pdf!

She is the book version rather than the film version, but they are not that different :slight_smile:

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Not sure the players would appreciate any subtle differences regardless! lol

It occurred mmmm to me, after reading her statblock, that she was aaaahhh missing a talent. As was, mmmm, her husband. Surely they should both have Masterful Innuendo? That talent was pretty much written for the Fenrings.


While excellent manipulators, I’d argue they are both very good at being frighteningly direct in their conversation :slight_smile:

But you could also argue they are so skilled at deception, not all of their talents are shown in such as obvious place as their character sheet! :slight_smile:


I was actually thinking that they’re described (in the novel) as humming to each other in their secret language. They then proceed to behave like a pair of Players indulging in tabletalk at the same time as they interact with the NPC Baron and Feyd-Rautha. See this exerpt:

“Um-m-m-m-m-m-ah-hm-m-m-m” said the Count. He studied Feyd-Rautha. “The, hum-m-m-m, precise young man, ah, my … hm-m-m-m … dear?” The Count glanced at the Baron. “My dear Baron, you say you’ve spoken of us to this precise young man? What did you say?”

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