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Knock out npc or Character

I’m not sure when did npc or character is KO after a stun phaser attack or nerve pinch ?

  • after the first wound?
  • after the second wound?
  • At 0 Stress ?
  • is there a special rule for minor npc or support character ?
  • a lethally wounded character from a previous attack (threat was spend) is wounded by a stun attack? will he die at the end of the scene?
  • can mean right hook stack with nerve pinch?

Zero Stress is one of the methods to suffer an injury. There are other methods of suffering injuries.

Stun phaser attacks or nerve pinches inflict non-lethal injuries.

Both player characters (including supporting characters) and non player characters are knocked out with the first injury they suffer, regardless of type, p. 176, 177 of the Core Rule Book. If it is a non-lethal injury, a second non-lethal attack will transform the non-lethal injury to a lethal injury instead of adding a second injury.

If the character already suffers from a lethal injury and suffers a second lethal injury, they die immediately. If the character suffers from a lethal injury and suffers a non-lethal injury, they have a lethal and a non-lethal injury. It will take another injury (regardless of type) to kill them.

Injured characters will, at the end of a scene (p. 177),

  • recover if the injury was non-lethal,
  • die if the injury was lethal and they did not receive first aid.

Note that there are ways to either avoid injuries (so they never happened) or ignore injuries (the character is injured but not knocked out), depending on character type (player character, supporting character or non player character) and narrative currency. See p. 176 f. for more.

Mean Right Hook and Nerve Pinch do not stack, as the former affects only unarmed strikes (p. 137) and the latter counts as a melee weapon (p. 111).

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot I have read the pages again and again but your resume is clearer.
To be sure my chief security officier made 15 damage (8 ED with vicious setting) on the Xerces Panther with 15 stress. Am I right to think that does 2 lethal wounds? .3 because of 15 damage and 1 because of 0 stress=> 2 lethal wounds.
What happen if you ignore one wound? Do you ignore one lethal wound of thé 2 or one un-lethal wound of the 4?

If your chief of security shot the Xerces Panther with a stun phaser attack, then it suffered, in total, one lethal injury. 15 Stress with one attack means one injury; in this case one non-lethal injury. Page 176 says “five or more damage”, not “per five damage”, so it’s only one injury.

The second non-lethal injury transforms the already existing non-lethal injury into a lethal injury.

An injury automatically knocks out the injured. Yet, ignoring the injury allows to ignore this effect. Thus, there’s still an injury, but the character can act normally. In case of a lethal injury, they still die at the end of the scene if they did not receive first aid. Since the second injury transforms the first instead of adding a separate injury, there’s only one injury present. :slight_smile:

There’s also the possibility of avoiding one of the two injuries. The effects are the same, irregardless of the specific injury avoided, because they result of the same attack and are of the same type.

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