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Vulcan Nerve Pinch

Hi all, I need some guidance.

Let’s assume a character is a Vulcan martial artist. Obviously, they have the Nerve Pinch talent. So when attacking, the character rolls Daring+Science (or Medicine, but let’s stick to Science). But what if the character is attacked? Do they roll Daring+Security since they are defending and not attacking, or Daring+Science since both parties are attacking each other?

RAW, I tend towards Daring+Security, but I like Daring+Science more since it is more fitting. What do you think?

Actually, I’d interpret the rules to allow the choice also to be made when being opponent of a melee attack.
Since the opponent is considered to have made a successful attack and the Nerve Pinch talent allows the choice between Security/Science/Medicine when attempting a nerve pinc attack, I’d say that the talent modifies attack rolls in general.

And yes, Daring+Science is more fitting. :slight_smile:

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That’s a good point and probably the piece I was missing. Thanks.

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Personally, I would only use Daring + Science / Med if making a Nerve Pinch attack. It’s about applying neuropressure which, to me, doesn’t happen with a kick to the gut or when defending against an attack.

In every other circumstance it’s Daring + security, IMO.

And, yes, I had to respond to this thread because of the title. :grinning:

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since armed combat is ruled by opposition, and nerve pinch is armed combat, I would rule for a Daring+ science/medicine, if the Vulcan wins ‘nerve pinch’ otherwise I think I have seen on TV show Vulcan failing nerve pinch in a brawl (and it was funny)