Non-Lethal Damage in Conan

Just bought several of the SFA books and got finished reading the combat section. In SFA, you have what is basically a combined lethal + non-lethal injury track. A Klingon stabs you with his knife and does two Injuries [which you don’t avoid by the mechanic in SFA], and then his Romulan ally hits you with their disruptor set to stun and does another non-avoided Injury, you’re unconscious and ready for the mind-sifter.

Non-lethal damage in Conan, on the other hand, simply “cannot cause a Wound.” It can run you out of Vigor, but once the Vigor’s already 0, what does additional non-lethal damage do? As far as I can tell, it does nothing, and the only way to knock an opponent out is to use the Talent Hostage Taker from Conan the Mercenary, which allows you to elect to render the foe unconscious instead of killing them.

Am I reading [and running] the non-lethal rules wrong? How do you run non-lethal damage once an enemy’s out of Vigor?

Probably not the answer you are looking for but if the Vigor is 0 then even a single point of non-lethal damage inflicts the Dazed condition if there are no qualities involved that inflict alternate Harms. The rest is up to GM I suppose. I’d probably rule that Momentum could be used to render a foe with 0 Vigor unconscious.