Klingon Conquered Planets - Local Population?

I just got the Klingon Rulebook and skimmed it.
I might have overlook, so if the answer to my question is on some page of the Rulebook, if anyone can just point me to it that would be great.

How do the Planets with non-Klingon population in the Klingon Empire work? The ones that aren’t Klingon colonies? Are those planets subjucated by the Empire? Like, are those people citizens of the Klingon Empire, but second class citizens? Can they serve in menial roles on Starships? How are they controlled? Is it just a House that owns the planet and has an Overseer or Governor that rules over the population, and any revolt is crushed immediatelly? Are there ever revolts? How do Klingons go around subjucating pre-warp planets, do they just show up with a Bird of Prey, see there is Dilithium and tell the population to get in line or be destroyed? Is that Honorable?

I am asking this, as I might be interested in running a Klingon Campaign at some point.


Page 92 will help, there’s other advice sprinkled into the book too. We didn’t provide a guide on how to subjugate a planet and manage its population, obviously.

The answer to all of your questions is it depends on the needs of your game. There’s story potential in every question you asked. Some planets are likely subjugated and absorbed into the Empire, some are annexed and left to self-rule with a Klingon overseer and small force of warriors, some might be divested of indigenous population and then strip-mined.

We don’t see much evidence of non-Klingons on Klingon vessels in canon, so I’d argue that most non-Klingons do not serve on warships or if they do, it’s for menial tasks. Some Houses may own or operate planets. I’m sure there are revolts, and they’re dealt with as appropriate.There are any number of story possibilities, honestly.

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Have a look at ENT 2x06 “Marauders”. Maybe this changed over time – maybe not? There’s drama in both alternatives! :slight_smile:

This question can be the cornerstone of such an episode. Let your players decide! :slight_smile:

I imagine how they fit in depends on close their culture is to the values of the Klingon Empire. I imagine this is more than one world that is exploited similarly to how the Cardassians exploited Bajor. Probably second class citizens… maybe with rights given through joining a great house via acts of courage, honor, or obedience. They are controlled through intimidation, force, and fear. I like that idea of a House controlling a planet, as well as its own ships and soldiers, and the empire works together through the high council and chancellor. Oppressed people rebel in some way. I wouldn’t expect Klingons to have a prime directive that protects pre-warp civilizations but instead have one that is along the lines of might makes right. And Worf pointed out in Way of the Warrior, “In war, there is nothing more honorable than victory.” I have a feeling that many Klingons have more malleable criteria for what is considered honorable.

Good questions.