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Issue with Chalice in Legacy: Rhapsody of Blood

When claiming the Chalice after defeating a Regent in Legacy: Rhapsody of Blood, one of the options available is “Peace on Earth: Each bloodline gains 1 Relic; you gain 1-Treaty on the others.”

Problem is … 1-Treaty (or any other amount of Treaty) doesn’t come up anywhere else in the book. I’m guessing this is a relic of a pre-release version of the game, like the ultimate wound level being alternately called “Mortal Wound” and “Deadly Wound” from page to page. Any insight on what this treaty should be?

I can’t seem to find any other community specifically involving Legacy: Rhapsody of Blood, the Castlevania/Soulsborne version of Legacy, so I hope this is a good place for this, and if it’s not, if someone could point me in the right direction, that’d be great.

Good morning

That should be 1-Pact, not 1-treaty. Send any more questions for Legacy my way

Cool, thanks. If I hadn’t gotten an answer, that’s what I’d likely have treated it as, so double thanks for making me feel clever, as well.