Is the web based character generator down? is not pulling up…we are getting ready to start a campaign and this would be a great help…


Apparently, it is no longer supported.
You could try the old and probably outdated version on this swedish site:

Wow that’s so unfortunate :frowning:
You can still get the code on github, looking at the readme it seems that maybe after compiling it you can run it locally on your computer?

Unfortunately my web skills date from when php was new, so I haven’t looked at it yet.

mmm… it seems to be written in React, i’ll try to take a look this week-end, but i’d be happy for someone to tell us how to make it work / host somewhere :slight_smile:

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working just fine


Oh nice ! Temporary problem then :grinning:

No, wrong URL. Starting with “mc.modiphius. …” works, starting with “mc3.modiphius. …”, as in the opening post, does not.


Hi, I am leading the development of a new character generator. I finished the feasibility study and the features are discussed on the mutant chronicles discord. There is not so much code at the moment since I am quite busy atm but normally I will start coding it during Christmas holidays.
If you are interested I can share the GitHub link to the repository.
The new one is going to be written in Python and do most things on the server side rather than in the browser.
We (as in the rest of the community and I) are also planning an off line version but that will come after the online one.
Feel free to contact my or join our discord if you gave any questions.


Invite has expired, care to repost?

Sadly, as a regular member of this Discord you are not allowed to create and share an invite link (which is quite unusual, actually).

Leme iiiiiiin

I have posted a request on the respective Discord server that someone with the permissions might post another invite link here.

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Hope this will do the job, mate!