Is targeting an asset an attack?

Crysknife master has the effect “When making an attack during a skirmish or a duel, when using a crysknife, you may automatically generate 1 free point of Momentum whenever you succeed.”

Would targeting an asset count as an attack? For example, disarming someone in a duel?

In the core book, “Any action where the goal is to defeat an opponent is classified as an attack”, which suggests targeting assets is not attacking. However, later, the reference “or if the target is a military asset in a warfare conflict”, suggests that asset targeting might be.

I would say that targeting an asset is definitely an attack.
Your goal is still to defeat the enemy and you are taking an offensive action that builds up to it.

My personal opinion is that anything that would harm or impede your opponent would be able to be counted as an attack.

@CountThalim Thanks - that accords with my intuition: you can attack people or assets.