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Ranged Asset - Target Adjacent Zone

This is probably a simple question…

In order to fire at a target in a different zone, a character using a ranged asset (e.g., Maula pistol) needs to first “move” that asset into the different zone. I’m assuming in the narrative of game play, this is equal to aiming at, or targeting, an opponent in the different zone.

Normally an asset can be used to reduce the difficulty (e.g., the asset makes it easier) of a challenge. In the case of a ranged attack is this true (i.e., the ranged asset makes it easier to hit the target in the different zone) OR does the ranged asset simply make the ranged attack possible?

It’s both in this case. Moving the asset is your aim, so each zone away from the target adds 1 to the number of successes you need to hit the target.
Holding the asset is what lets you make the ranged attack.
So if it’s the start of a conflict, and your aim point is in your zone, and your enemy is in an adjacent zone, you could fire at them now for +1 success requirement, or move the asset into the zone to make an attack at no penalty for range.


Got it - thanks! A character can shoot a ranged weapon at an opponent in a different zone without moving the asset (aiming) but that’s when the difficulty modifier is applied. I guess thematically that’s the equivalent of “shooting from the hip”.

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