Inventions of the Dishonored

What could be created by the inventors of the Dishonored world?

Imagine a simple scenario - players are asked to investigate a suspicious place in Dunawall docks. Perhaps members of one of the city gangs are a asking players for help after some its members strangely disappeared in the area. Mayby one of the officials or Rewidents from the Abbey of the Everyman dies under mysterious circumstances, after he showing interest in the neighborhood. Or the family asks players to help find a missing scientist kidnapped by the Outsider cult to create weapon of mass destruction.

In all these cases, question is, what players could find in these places? What mysterious or sinister inventions that we haven’t seen in the games could be used in the campaign? Any ideas? The theme of the new, strange invention sounds like a natural idea for an adventure in the Dishonored world. Or what could be used instead of new technology in these cases?