Intrigues and investigations

What kind of plot could arise in the Empire of the Isles?

The theme of the intrigues fits perfectly into the Dishonored campain - plotting aristocrats preparing a palace coup, a cynical admiral trying to start a war or cultists performing a terrifying ritual. All of this sounds good, but it is still too general to make it into a campaign. Do you have any specific ideas for a plot that players can follow? Or do you have any tips for leading investigation campaigns and gathering the clues in game?

For example:
While collecting ideas for the campaign, I thought about a young aristocrat who wants to take a revenge for his father’s death. He is preparing a bomb attack on Lord Admiral who will soon participate in the launching ceremony for the new flagship of the Empire. The boy’s father was murdered years ago by the current Lord Admiral as two men competed for a position in the fleet. An ambitious sailor pushed his rival overboard during a storm, pretending it was an accident. The boy learned this from one of the sailors who saw the whole scene (or maybe it was revealed to him by the Outsider in a dream vision?) and from that moment, he is planning his revenge. When it turns out that one of the scientists from the Academy of Natural Philosophy has been kidnapped, the players try to find him. In the city sewers/flooded district, they comes across a workshop where the inventor was forced to construct a bomb. What is more, it turns out that one of the high officers of the fleet is actively sabotaging the investigation, wanting to seize the position of Lord Admiral after a successful assassination.

Please share your ideas. Thanks in advance!