Factions of the Empire - The Triangle of the South

As a gamemaster who run few campaigns set across the Empire of the Isles, I decided to gather some of my notes and share with you guys few ideas about fractions, characters and adventures based on the Dishonored. A attached file contains a detailed description of Triangle of the South - an organization from Serkonos dedicated to collecting forgotten artifacts and researching the history of the civilization that preceded the Empire of the Isles. The main themes are a long-forgotten civilization, ruins and artefacts left by it and attempts made by the Abbey of the Everyman to sanction any historical research.

The file contains the characteristic of the faction, descriptions and statistics of its three most important members and a main rival of the group, a short list of artifacts that the players may come across and some ideas for adventures related to the organization.The whole thing is based on the corebook. Feel free to use it as inspiration or content for your games. In my campaign, the faction served as allies for players, thanks to whom they gained access to unique items.

It will be great to hear your opinions and feedback on ideas from the file and any comments regarding its content (the whole thing was translated amateurishly by me, so some typos and other errors might be found there). Share your ideas on how the fraction or text could be improved and impressions from your games. I hope you will find it useful and it will help some of you to get started playing Dishonored as a gamemaster.

The Triangle of the South.pdf (629.1 KB)