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Play-testing Dishonored Modules

Looking for play-testers and feed-backers for some Dishonored modules I’m working on.

If you are interested let me know on here, or email me at


I’m interested and do have a very open-minded group of players who like to participate in playtests.

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That’s great! I’d like to run it over Zoom sometime in the next 2-3 weeks. What’s your availability?
Thx, Casey

I’m at GMT+2 timezone, so it depends on your timezone. I can usually arrange for a nightly game (at my timezone) on Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday night.

I am GMT -6, so I think that could work. Is there a Friday or Saturday night (your time) in August that would be better for you? Thanks!

Saturday, 24th July, 7th August, 21st August
Friday, 6th August (maybe), 13th August

August 21st looks like the best opportunity for me.

What is the starting time (at your timezone, EDT, I suppose)?