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Introducing The Sarmak

Kaor, all-

In celebration of receiving my wave 2 books I wanted to share a little something I’ve been working on to be the Big Bad in the next phase of my campaign.

The Sarmak come from a story written by George Alec Effinger writing as Edgar Rice Burroughs for the anthology collection War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches. The story was called Mars: The Home Front, essentially the first chapter of an unwritten novel pitting John Carter and Burroughs’s Martians against the Martians of H.G. Wells.

I used existing rules wherever possible but did port some weapon effects over from Conan to cover black smoke & attacks by mechanical tentacles. I built the vehicles using the airship rules by introducing a new flaw.

I’m interested in constructive feedback & starting discussion. I have a lot of other background stuff, vehicles & equipment for the Sarmak I will share if there is interest.

Have fun!

Meet the Sarmak.pdf (100.5 KB)