Into the vault windows

When a room contains a window and has main and side doors, on what do i roll the dice when looking through it to determine the room behind it?

Hey @Haumi91

You’d be able to find a new room by looking through either a Window or an open Doorway.

Have I understood the question correctly?


Hi dom,
No i meant when i need to determine the next room by rolling the red dice, do i compare the result to the main doorway or of the side doorway? There is no chart for windows.


A corridor has two main doorways, a side doorway and a window.
The model can look through the window.
Now i need to rool the red dice to see what type it is.

But there is no chart for windows.

Hope that makes it clearer :stuck_out_tongue:

The rolling is made “from” the room you look and you compare it with its card (it has the red dice below), then you create a new room of the type you rolled, so it does not matter the way you discover a new room or where you look through

Sorry my bad. I thought there was a situation with a corridor with main, side doors and a window…


So DK-dark has it right. You’re looking out from the room.