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Infinity RPG - Dog Eat Dog World

It always starts small; Bureau Noir gives you a mission. Find the location of Gabriel Durand, some elected official’s latest lover and the manager of one of Dawn’s Teseum Mines who has gone missing. However, nothing ever stays small. A cancer is growing in the heart of the Human Sphere and it is up to you and your fellow agents to traverse the Wilderness of Mirrors while working to excise this cancer.

Enemy agents, mercenaries, former allies, even extremely angry xeno-wolves, all work to hinder and impede your own actions. Friends turn out to be enemies, enemies turn out to be allies, and nothing can be taken at face value. This is what it means to be an agent of Bureau Noir during a time of vicious cold wars between the O-12 nations and something even more sinister.

This is a Infinity the RPG game that begins on the Araidna home world of Dawn but will potentially traverse several locations within the Human Sphere. The players will begin play as agents of Bureau Noir and will need to juggle their loyalties to this group along with the other factions they are members of.

This game is designed to be new player friendly.

• Required Skill Level: New Player
• Planned Length: 8+ sessions
• Session Length: 3 hours
• Using the "Consent In Gaming" from Monte Cook Gaming.
• LGBT+ Friendly
• Day/Time – 1600UTC Fridays, Weekly
• Mic Required

R20 LFG Link:

Discord Link:

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The R20 link doesn’t seem to work.

In the associated (and linked above) Discord, this Infinity campaign was called off due to very low turnout of players interested.