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Infinity location card : PDF

I know there are and I have seen “locations cards” on the modiphius shop site,
but they sell only the physical version of those cards (and the pdf as a +).

I would love to buy the pdf only, as you did for mutant chronicles.

Is that available somewhere?

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There isn’t a PDF version of this product. Please reference this not from the online store listing.

Please note this is a physical product only and does not come with an accompanying PDF.

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Thank you very much for your answer;
I misread.

Too ad, there isn’t a pdf version of the cards.

Are there plans for a PDF version in the future? I mainly play using an online VTT, so I would like to buy an electronic version of these location cards.

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I know the four Infinity card decks are a physical product, not available in PDF or other electronic form (yet).
But as of now, in times of lockdown, I find myself running more and more games using VTT platforms as Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds.
Do you see any chance to get those card sets either as PDF or in a way prepared for Roll20- or Fantasy-Grounds-use?

In today’s Infinity announcement:

Today we’re delighted to announce the release of the four cards decks in PDF for the Infinity RPG, a raft of additional and resources to help you run games in Corvus Belli’s awesome sci-fi universe. The Adversary, Location, GM Plot and Wilderness of Mirrors decks are available now on DriveThruRPG as part of its Infinity Collection.

The individual decks are now available in PDF. But not as part of the Infinity Collection, apparently, only as separate products.

Exactly what I thought. As an owner of “all the pdf” I do not have access to the decks. Don’t know if it is normal or not.

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