IF You Get the Star Trek Adventure Humble Bundle Can Support Added Your PDF Purchases to DtRPG?

Saw that Humble Bundle had a Star Trek Adventures one right now and I was wondering if you get the Bundle can Modiphius support add your Bundle PDFs to your DtRPG account?

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Just out of curiosity: Why would one want that?

I believe the Humble Bundle files or a link to them are provided once you make purchase. Don’t know if you can have them added to your account, but best bet would be to email support@modiphius.com and ask.

This is exactly how it works.

Humble Bundle does provide persistent download links, much like the Bundle of Holding.

Given that the latter is directly linked to DriveThru, it seems unlikely that Humble Bundle would be too.

@MisterX Sometimes it’s simply more convenient to have everything in one place. DriveThru also offers discounts on bundle offers where you already have one or more of the PDFs involved. That’s difficult to organise across providers…

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Thanks, I’ll send support an email and ask.

Also, one thing that wasn’t mentioned is often the DriveThru PDFs get updated and the persistent PDF download, like on Bundle of Holding isn’t the most current version of the product.

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If you are successful, please let us know! I had assumed it was not possible, but now you have me curious :grin:

I defiantly will post if I’m successful. I haven’t heard anything back from support yet. I did get an automated email that confirmed my support request was received and that reply back could take 5 days when I contact support over a week ago.

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Please do so, I’m in the exact same boat as you on this so would live to find out if it is possible - and allow you to do all the hard work for me :wink:

We do appreciate all of you hard work! Thanks again!

Is Modiphius still replying to support requests right now or does anyone know how long the delay is for a reply back currently? Its been over 15 days and still no replay back . I’m not sure if I ought to file another support ticket or what to do to get in touch with support.

I sent a message on the 24th and got a reply on the 27th. I’m still waiting for the reply I sent to that on the same day.

I suggest resubmitting. I emailed support@modiphius.com rather than using a form on their website.

I sent the ask up the chain and just got a response. For now, the answer is no due to the amount of work involved in getting bundle contents confirmed from Humble Bundle to DTRPG and coordinating that effort for potentially thousands of users. I’ll let you all know if I hear anything new.

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darn. would have been nice to have it all in one spot with my other game purchases… especially since humblebundle might not keep their archive of the files indefinitely.

may i suggest that with future bundles, you consider doing coupon codes/discount links to get the file directly off DTRPG rather than having humblebundle hosting the files?

At least, thanks for checking on it for us !

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