Hyborian Age Map

I know this was asked in the G+ community but I don’t remember the answer. Is there a higher resolution version of the map of the Hyborian Age as presented in the 2d20 system Core Book?

I have 3817x2475 pixels map. I don’t know if it is ok to post it here though.

There are maps here and there that you can find that match the maps in the book. As far as if there is a high resolution one from the book available I am honestly not sure. I have never seen one that Modiphius has made available so I don’t think they have authorized us to make one.

It would be cool to have a very detailed digital map for use at gaming table.

Hopefully Modiphius has plans to incorporate Tobias Trannel’s maps (the half-page maps from the Gazetteer section of the supplement books) into a better map of the world. Tranell’s maps aren’t perfect but they’re better than the map in the core book.