The Map of Conan's Kingdoms

Modphius said they were going to release a map of the Conan Kingdoms. I’ve never seen it released. Do you know where I can get a suitable for hanging map of Howard’s world?

I think there is no other official map besides Hyborian Age map from the core rulebook.

In each supplement you have details maps of each location that significantly helps, but most don’t have scale and are not “stitch”-able in a bigger world map.

Is this that one that you search?

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Do we know the actual resolution of this map ?

Did anyone printed it on a large scale with good results ?

This is the best map I have come across, you will need to save it and reformat, but it is great.

Here are links for a few more.

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For the Hyborean Age map, there is .png file I have available with dimensions 4250x2750px and size of ~ 30MB. It is excellent for VTT once you convert to JPG to reduce the load on loading. For printing - it is more than fine to have it on A3 or bigger for example, but I haven’t printed anything since D&D 3.5 Eberron world map.

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at 4250x2750 that is much larger/greater resolution than anything I have. Is there any way you could share or link to where it can be purchased?

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I don’t see a way to send private message in that board. Find me at Discord, I am using the same nick there.

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