How to play videos

Just in case anyone has missed it, Modiphius has posted some how to play videos.

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Any idea where the house is from?. Wish they zoomed in more

Looks like they’ve tweaked/changed the system a fair bit from Fallout (not saying that’s good or bad, but certainly interesting to see!)

It looks like it’s one of the cottages from Tabletop World.

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They are very useful videos and they certainly highlight the differences compared to Fallout Wasteland Warfare very clearly.

Are there rules for cover, high ground , poison (thinking of spiders down the line. Assuming magic now is only destruction based?

Based on some of the images that I saw from cards, I think that there will be more than destruction magic available if not now in the future.

We have lots of spells from the various schools. There are rules for cover, poison, high ground.


I saw a video on fb yesterday on this. Great job on letting that person share the rule book.