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How long does it take to complete the Phantoms of Mars campaign?

Has anyone completed it yet? How long did it take you to?

OK… no one’s replied yet… but as a comparison it took me and one other player as that’s all we had 14 months at one 3 hour game a week to complete Curse of Strahd. Several reasons, to do the 5E version justice (very good btw), we sandboxed the blood out of it so the GM got his money’s worth for providing an excellent game that will leave a lifetime of memories and his time spent reading and running it for us. Hope this helps.

Obviously, if we’d been Uni students I reckon a month or two… lectures or Strahd? STRAHD!! Stuff getting our degrees, we can catch up after Christmas :joy:

I am also interested in how long it takes. I just ordered my slip cover set.

The campaign has 28 mandatory and four optional scenes in four chapters. How long it takes to play a scenes varies and depends on the style of play of the group. It could be that they complete a whole chapter in a single session, but it could also be that they need a whole session per scene. So it could take between four and 32 (or more) sessions to complete this campaign, but I would guess that four scenes can be normally completed per session and thus the whole campaign can be completed in seven or eight sessions.

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Thank you that is great information!