How does the radioactive effect work on physical damage?


How does this work, does the hit character take 2 physical damage and afterwards the radioactive effect is applied (reducing the max HP by 2)?

Or is the damage considered radioactive all the time?

I’m asking because of damage reduction… Like would a character with an armor damage reduction of 0 physical and 2 radiation damage take 0 or 2 damage?

Ok, there’s two different rules that sometimes get confused here.

Radiation damage is a damage type that reduces maximum HP.

The Radioactive Effect is an effect that allows other weapons to inflict a little Radiation damage as well.

So, with the example above, you’d inflict 2 Physical damage (the damage from the attack) and then each Effect would also inflict 1 Radiation damage (from the Radiation effect), reducing Max HP by 2 overall.

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