How to administer multiple types of damage?

I ran a ghoul combat for my first time tonight, and their damage shows as being Radioactive Physical Damage.

If a ghoul does 3 points of damage, how is the damage applied against a target immune to radioactive damage (such as against another ghoul)? Does that ghoul take both 3 points of physical damage and 3 points of radioactive damage, which would then trigger that ghoul’s heal ability?

How would 3 points of Radiactive Physical damage be applied against a target with 2 DR vs Radioactive, and 1 DR vs physical.

The book does not appear to explain this at all – or perhaps I have just rolled 20’s on my perception checks.

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Nothing to contribute, but I wanted to comment that I pondered the same thing question before. Hoping someone here can provide insight.

As noted on page 31 of the rulebook, if an attack inflicts both normal damage and radiation damage, apply the radiation damage separately and last, after everything else.

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