How do the AR Eye Implants work mechanically?

Hello everybody. I’ve been playing Infinity off and on with some friends of mine and I’ve had this niggling issue for a while now where AR eye implants are a common cybernetic implant to get through chargen, but I simultaneously do not quite know their mechanical function. I know equipment like the X-visor serves as something like an upgrade, which made me think that they are supposed to function a bit like armour where you can customise them to a degree. Is that correct?

By themselves? Next to nothing in terms of mechanics. You could argue that they are required to have an x-visor or an MSV implanted, since an asura is equipped with an MSV but doesn’t use armor or helmet, it has to be an augmentation. They are cool in terms of fluff tho.

It is in the description in the Gear Catalogue in the core book:

20:20 vision, polarisation against bright light, a display linked to the owner’s comlog, and a visual data feed for geists and expert systems

So if you would assign +1 Difficulty to spot something due to bright light, the polarisation filter will apply.
If the character wants to access the comlog without anyone else noticing, the visual data feed would apply.
This gives the character a lot of more “stealthy” options than the typical, non-built-in visors or comlogs.

Yes that is another option:

Upgrades can add software emulation of recorders or optical filters for similar prices.

So you can buy a recorder or a multi-spectral visor as an upgrade, which costs the same as the stand-alone, non-built-in version.

Thank you both. You’ve been very helpful. I will bring it up with the GM for discussion to be sure.