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How awesome is my desk?!

So, to prove stuff is moving along, I received a print proof of the corebook,
which I dutifully cut up and assembled to make sure all the pages were correct etc.

As you are all groovy people, I thought you might like to get a sneak preview.
Although do bear in mind the final version won’t have been cut up in my living room with the kitchen scissors and inexpertly folded!

I did pick a few pages that you will find especially interesting though :slight_smile:


It looks gorgeous! Thanks so much for posting this!

Oh my I think I can’t wait to hold and touch my books.

May we post these on the 2d20 Dune Discord? They look amazing.

Thanks a lot for the preview, @Andy-Modiphius !

Can you provide a link for the Discord server?

Yup its a 2d20 server (fan created I imagine)? Which includes a Dune channel.

I’d rather they didn’t go too far afield (although this being the internet…) :slight_smile:
But you are welcome to post a link to this post in the discord.

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Understood, and thank you so much for sharing those amazing images!

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I think there is a mistake in the credits:

« Form » = « Forum » isn’t it?

And p52 of the preview: Awareness = Understand

■■■, you are quite right. Somewhat too late to stop the presses though but I’ll make a note.
However, we did spot the Awareness mistake in the preview before it hit the Corebook. It should actually be Discipline.

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The layout, art, style and overall design truly evokes Dune! Bravo!


The hype must flow!
I will commemorate this historic moment by letting some characters fight with kitchen scissors in one of my scenarios :stuck_out_tongue:

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As long as they don’t run with them.
That is banned by the Great Convention as too dangerous! :slight_smile:

There is however 3 further sections detailing the precise difference between ‘walking briskly’ with scissors and ‘running’ with scissors. ‘Jogging’ is under review in a committee.


It’s looking great! I can’t wait to get the finished book in my hands.

If it is too late to stop the presses, I wonder if the pdf version might drop soon? :thinking:

A little out of my hands now, but all going well yes very soon.


So, PDFs should be on their way.
It may take a while for the system to send all of them out (there are a lot) so please be patient with the team if you’ve not seen an email yet.
(but obviously drop us a line if you’ve not seen something in the next day to two)

In the meantime the Heighliner brought more awesomeness to my desk.
(I honestly can’t believe I’m looking at a real copy at last! :slight_smile: )


I’m convinced you show the Corrino version just for me :sweat_smile:
It looks so beautiful. Reading from it to your players you must feel like the emperor himself

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