House Roles ranks

Just curious about this, reading through the house roles that are available to the players, I noticed that it said that everyone must obey the House Ruler. (No duh) but got me thinking about the other roles, do the other roles have higher ranking than others? Like does the war master take orders from the spy master? Or is everyone under the ruler have the same power level? As I saw the only one that talks about that is the house ruler role.

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Depends on the House I would say.
If you are running a Military Primary Domain House then I would say the Warmaster is calling the shots after the Ruler.
But if you went down the Espionage Domain route then the Spymaster may have the final say.

In House Sindri which my players are part of I would say the second most important position was the House Seneshal, Armand Sindri, uncle of the Lord.
Which brings with it another twist on the ranking structure. The Warmaster may be the most powerful on paper, but if the Treasurer is the sister of the Lord then she may get her way most of the time.

One of the things about House Sindri is that with the Lord being… less interested in running things there is a bit of a power vacuum at the top of the House. Armand is trying to hold things together, but there is only so much he can command. So different factions have their own agendas and they don’t always agree on what is best for the House.

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