House Nagara - will there be more?

I am about to begin running Dune using the Agents of Dune and intend to lead into Masters of Dune from there. It looks like I can set at least some of the independent adventures into that timeframe.
Having read Fall of the Imperium as well, it looks like the arc runs into that and then ends in one fashion or another.

I guess my first question is if House Nagara will feature in any more adventure/ books/ materials? I have the intention to make this a long run campaign and would like more!

Another question would be for those who may have tread this path before me, what adventures did you manage to add into the main storyline and where did you fit them? At this point I kind of roughly have the following ideas:

Kernals of Doubt, Coriolis Storm, Blood in the Water, Shaitan’s Bargain, Harvesters of Dune, The Water Must Flow and Desert Flower, look like they could take place between Agents of Dune and Masters of Dune.

Time Becomes a Narrow Door slots into Shifting Sands from Masters of Dune

Fatal Journey sort of any time they take a Heighliner trip

A Storm of Blades around The Freman chapter in Masters of Dune

Heat and Dust in The Gathering Storm in Fall of the Imperium

Any other ideas/ better ideas?


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I really love you’ve embraced House Nagara! :heart_eyes:
The answer is kind of yes and no.
We don’t have a plan to specifically create a new specifically Nagara adventure (although we might change our minds). But we do try to make sure each adventure will run in any campaign.
So any new adventures (such as Fall) will bear in mind the various angles a GM might be coming from, such as running House Nagara.


Good to hear that they are not necessarily done for! I was reading through Fall and saw a bit of a mention so I am hoping that House Nagara gets more of those side bars to allow me to easily use the upcoming adventures.

Once done with Agents we will be diving wholesale into the House management mechanics to flesh out Nagara some more. I have drawn up a list of the Nagara NPCs that show up and there is the one page spread on the planet they are from so there are at least some threads to work with!


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It’s worth noting that the starter set adventure can lead directly into the campaigns…

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We’re planning on using Desertfall and possibly also Wormsign - shifting Atreides to Nagara - as a side story, to give the players a taste of Arrakis before the Heirs arrive, and for them to try their hand at other character types.