Arrakis and the House System Mechanics

Now that House Nagara has successfully survived the Agents of Dune adventures, they find themselves still in a precarious position but also still in possession of Arrakis. As we move into Masters of Dune and other adventures I want to introduce the House Mechanics from The Great Game - Houses of the Landsraad book (as well as the Influence system from Masters of course!).

Creating the baseline version of House Nagara using the House mechanics seems straight forward enough. My question comes into how do you incorporate the holding of Arrakis into the system? What exactly does Arrakis generate in game terms for the House? Whoever holds Arrakis has access to immense wealth (according to the books and movies) but how does that factor in exact game terms?

We are using our next session (Tuesday night) to get all the paperwork in order so we can carry forward using the mechanics. I know the question about Arrakis will come up and it would be good if I had a decent answer for it!


There has been a lot of chat about that on another thread (or the discord I can’t remember - too much Dune!! :slight_smile: )

I’d suggest one of two ways.
The easy way is to just increase the base Wealth of the House, probably even double it. Its really hard to be in charge of spice and not make an obscene amount of money.

Failing that you can run it as a new major domain that takes no spaces up on your planet, and just add the revenue from that.