Honest corruption difficulty?

Hello !

I have a zamorian pc in my group and WE found two informations about honest thievery talent : D1 in the core Book and d2 in the character creation site.

Which one is correct ?

(This subject is related to the FAQ ressources post)

Do you mean the Homeland Talent “Honest Corruption”?
I would think mostly it would be a D1, situations can aries where a D2 is more fitting.

Yes sorry , i mean honest corruption.

D1 seems easy to obtain this kind of informations

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You might be right, I think you could set it at D2 and perhaps set it at D1 in very familiar territories only.

The talent stated D1 as difficlty, but you are the Game Master and you can adjust it based on your needs. But I would recommend to stick to the D1 - you don’t get information or anything set in stone, you get a “feel”.

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