Heritage event tables?

The Haqqislam book mentions “Heritage event tables”, what are those and where can I find them?

pp.40-41 Infinity Core rulebook.

Thanks Bill, will check it out. Might be something I have missed for the online tool.

Ah, no… I meant something else.

In the Haqqislam book, on page 76, in the Adolescence Event table, the first result mentions “Heritage Event Table” (with a notice that “if it is available”).

This is the table I am looking for, the Heritage Event Table. Cannot find it in the core book nor in the Haqqislam book.

I believe it is for characters who got faction A and heritage B at Decision 2, say Haqquislam faction with Nomad heritage - you roll on the Nomad Adolescent Event table, except it’s not out yet, so you roll on the Haqquislam Adolescent Event table anyway. :grin:
In the PanO book it’s just the same and that what I understand it to mean.

Aha, I get it. But I always thought you rolled on the adolescence table of your heritage rather than your current faction, since during adolescence you were still part of your heritage faction.