Height of models for easy identification

Good day, there was such a question about the height of the models. What is the value of the standard? Just models in a sitting position have a height of 2, as well as standing models. When checking the height, it is not very convenient to determine. Is there a value in inches for what the height is?

The height of an actual, physical model doesn’t matter for rules purposes; it’s all based on the Height value assigned to it (it’s covered on Page 3. of the Core Rulebook with Line of Sight also factoring it in on pages 11 and 12). A model being crouched down doesn’t have any impact on how it plays.

You could have Stormcloak Archer A modelled standing on a big 6" rock and Stormcloak Archer B modelled crouched down on its base and they would still both function identically in rules terms.

This is understandable, the question is different, what is the value in inches of one unit of the height of the model, so that when determining the height during the game, we can understand whether the model is visible or not, since the poses and base of the models are different.

On page 3, 11 and 12 I did not find the answer, it says that it is basically mastered, and can be from 1 to 5.

Or what is written on the cards is the value in inches? Conventionally, a Stormcloak soldier has a height of 2, so it is 2 inches?

No; the Height (in rules) has no correlation to actual height/inches etc. The most common Height will probably be Height 2 which is the general size for average humanoid sized beings. It’s an abstract number though that doesn’t mean anything outside of the rules (it’s explained in the box on the bottom right half of page 3).

When trying to determine if you can see a model or not, completely ignore the height/pose/whatever of the actual model; it’s irrelevant. The only things that matter are the size of the base being correct and the Height number on the unit card.

Hey @stHonor

@JimmyW has it right. The physical Height of the model is not important. You’re looking for the assigned Height Value on the card and this is what is used when interacting with the other objects with Height values on the table.

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As a follow on to this, it’s worth discussing with your opponent (or deciding yourself if doing a Delve) the Height of any pieces of terrain on the board - this stack of barrels is Height 1, this wall is Height 2, that plateau is Height 3 etc. There’s then no question about, say, line of sight if you can see the head and shoulders of a model over a wall. If it was decided that the wall is supposed to be Height 2 and the Model is Height 2 then you know the line of sight is Blocked, whereas if it were a Height 1 wall it would be Obscured.


I second what @Modiphius-Gavin has said - this is very good practice before a game starts.