Model Design Thread

Would like to encourage the designers to introduce variations from the digital game when it would make sense to do so. For example, the Imperial legion and the Thalmor wear uniforms. They should look standardized. In contrast, every single bandit and Forsworn should wear a unique (but thematically similar) outfit. The digital game only included a few variations for these factions because designing 400+ alterations would not be worth the resources but there’s every reason to make the physical models distinct from each other.

The development blog shows a woman in leather armor with a bow–a nice mini. Delphine’s outfit should vary a little because leather armor isn’t mass produced in a factory to an industry standard. Nothing major. Just a few minor details would be enough.

Well, I’d argue that creating a unique physical model is more resource intensive than a digital asset. We have to create a digital asset in the first place, then move on to the production planning and manufacturing as well. In addition, we’re also limited in what we can do with regards to original content. We have to reflect the game content, so it means we have to be creative in our posing, outfit combinations and loadouts. Whilst there are only three different fur armours, there’s lots of hats and shoes and different weapons.