Harvesters of Dune-Spoiler

The stats for Globus indicate an asset, “Servant of the Residency”. What residency is this? Thank you in advance.

I assume it’s the residency of whoever owns the harvester. So: it’s the residency of the House the PCs belong to (or at least work for).

Residency, then, in this usage, is the same as an embassy?

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Its actually just another option the GM can play with.
It is a servant contact Globus has in the Arrakeen residency.
You might use this to connect him to any of the servants in Desertfall.

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Excellent! Thank you all so much.


If I understand it right, The Residency (capital “R”), or “the Arrakeen residency”, means the headquarters / homebase that’s in Arrakeen city on Arrakis. It’s the building that Attreides move into & have to clean out the Harkonnen bugs, traps, hunter-seeker, and change the logos on the chairs.

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