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Had my Mystic Mountain battle mat printed

Looking forward to blowing up some Romulans on it in tonight’s session.


Whoa, that’s huge! How did you print it?

I had it printed at Patriot Games, by far the most reasonable price I have seen.

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Very cool mat, nicely done.

Thanks for the link. This very, very nice indeed

That looks so good I had one printed at Inked Playmats during the

Cool nice have fun.

I will say that it did work very well, after an argument with another player because they couldn’t grasp that it was an abstract representation.

Unfortunately we haven’t done any space battles since, our game being mostly RP focused, but it is an ENT game set at the start of the Romulan war, so it will be seeing more use soon.

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I use a similar “bullseye” map for abstracted battle maps.

Your mat is lovely, btw :slight_smile:

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Thanks. The Carina Nebula and Mystic Mountain rank very high in my list of favourite space phenomenon.

Plus for £40~ish it’s hard to go wrong.

Here’s the one I got made. Thanks for the inspiration.

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Shoutout. Sweet! Looks good @TonyPi

At Dragonmeet in London at the weekend, there was a dealer selling preprinted vinyl maps (wipe-on wipe-off) up to 6 feet square but without grids. It was tempting… :slight_smile: