Grip on Character Sheets

I noticed on the character sheets for weapons they have a spot for Grip. I have not seen anything that describes how Grip is used. I am wondering if someone knows. Thanks.

I couldn’t find anything official either. I presume it’s to note down which hand you’re wielding that weapon in. For example, if I was using a sword in my right hand and an axe in my left hand, I would enter RH in the sword entry and LH in the axe entry.
It could be important to know if you get hit in your right hand and your opponent disarms you, then you know that you’ve lost your sword and not your axe.


Thanks. That makes sense.

I use the grip part of the character sheet to tell if a weapon is 1 handed or 2.

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Gods I love you. That question as denying me sleep for years now!

Per the rules, that’s size.

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I expect it refers to how many hands.

Grip is the same as size, page 144. Normally on a character sheet you only need to worry about 1H, 2H, Unbalanced or Unwieldly.

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Actually I think Grip is 1H/2H etc and Size is Encumbrance (e.g., Sword is 1, Crossbow is 2 etc), based on how sample character sheets I found look.

That would be weird, as Size and Encumbrance are rules terms defined in the core rules.
Size is: One-handed (1H), Two-handed (2H), Unbalanced, Unwieldy, Fixed or Monstrous. That are the categories which encompass Size.
Encumbrance is the carrying load given in all equipment tables for each item.

Nowhere on the official character sheet is there any place given to enter Encumbrance at all.
Which is weird, as lots of equipment, not only weapons or armor, have Encumbrance given: a healer’s bag has Encumbrance 5, more than a halberd which only has Encumbrance 2 and more than a cuirass very heavy armor breastplate which only has Encumbrance 3.
But there is no place to enter it and note the total Encumbrance a character carries.

Grip is simply an error made in designing the character sheet. Ignore it, as it is not part of the Conan 2d20 rules. Size covers the grip of a weapon as well as the strength requirements.
Encumbrance is not covered on the character sheets at all.

Has anyone made an updated sheet or asked Modiphius about one?