The Crossbow is weird

Why is the Crossbow Unbalanced? I would say it takes two hands to use a crossbow, even if you have a Brawn value of 9+. Right now, we have a strange occurrence where one of our characters uses a Crossbow and a Shield. While it works rules-wise, I do not think it works logically.

I think I would not allow that if it was up to me. A crossbow can not be operated without using 2 hands.
Rules can never cover everything that someone can think of. Then one can talk to the player suggesting such things that this doesn´t make sense and that it will not be allowed to keep it “realistic” and Hovardian.

Unless they are using a hand crossbow (something you’d have to homebrew I think) a crossbow is a two handed weapon. It would be like using a glaive and a shield. That’s why people used to have someone to carry a shield for them when using ranged weapons. It isn’t so much about weight as it is size.

Yeah, managed to convince my player that from now on, Crossbows are two-handed.


I think the intent of the “unbalanced” trait might have been an assumption that it could be FIRED one handed, but still (logically) requires two hands to load/arm. Since all the other missile weapons that fall into this category are listed as 2-handed, I think the unbalanced listing for the crossbowis an error.


I’d make it two handed and let him carry it on his back to defend with it like the Genoese Crossbowmen did historically.

I’d say you can fire it, but not reload it one handed.

I changed it to 2H. There was some friction from the player in question, but he agreed to the logic.

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