Shields... looking for some help/advice

I have gone over the books repeatedly and can’t find this but myself and one of my players are convinced it was somewhere in one of the books. Is there a talent that has to do with utilizing your shield as a weapon? Like a (to use a d&d term) Shield Bash talent? Alternatively… what talents exist that are specifically centered around using a shield?

No. A shield is a weapon like any other. All characters can use them as a weapon with no additional requirement. Just as there are no talents for attacking with “just swords” there are no talents for “just shields”. I believe that there are defensive talents in Barbarian and Mercenary such as Shield Wall.

In Conan its assumed that characters fight with 2 weapons whenever possible.

Thank you. That actually helps a lot. One of my players wants to specialize in using her shield as a secondary weapon but because we haven’t been able to find the talent I haven’t been allowing it.

Yeah- coming from other systems- especially that one- it is hard to picture a shield as a weapon…but, ‘2 weapon’ fighting is encouraged in this system- and if you have a PC wanting to ‘sword and board’ the power to her. Remember that as the shield is a weapon- reach matters- (for example the buckler) - and that the cost to purchase a ‘Swift Action Momentum Spend’ is only 1 to attack with the shield as a second weapon- but you still get the D1 increase due to the spend.
Hope that helps

Really does. Thank you.