Pikeman talent questions

I do not have access to the Conan the Scout pdf so I’m basing these questions on the Pikeman talent description from the character generator, this sentence in particular:

When allied with at least two others within Reach with this talent and equipped with pike or long spear and medium or large shield, you may each roll one additional d20 when attempting Melee Weapon or Parry tests.

My first question is related to the and/or precendence in “equipped with pike or long spear and medium or large shield”. I initially assumed it meant “equipped with (pike or long spear) and (medium or large shield)”. Upon further review, the pike is Unwieldy, meaning it is a 2-handed weapon, so now I’m thinking it means “equipped with (pike) or (long spear and (medium or large shield))”. Is that everyone else’s understanding as well?

My second question is related to the “long spear”. I don’t see a long spear currently listed anywhere. Is this a new weapon in the Scout book, or referring to some other existing spear?

I can’t speak to the location of long spear, but to your first question, your second interpretation is correct.

I guess it does not refer to a weapon called “long spear” but a weapon in the “spear” category which is long (i.e. Reach 3). So e.g. a lance or spear and not a javelin.